New Enterprise Co:Z Release 8.1.0 is available. Review the Release Notes and Download.
New Enterprise Co:Z Release 8.1.0 is available.

Ant SSH is a set of enhanced SSH tasks for Apache Ant.

These enhancements are open source Java code and based on the SCP, SSHExec, and SSHSession tasks that are included in Apache Ant.

When combined (optionally) with Co:Z SFTP, these tasks make it possible to replace existing Ant to z/OS FTP tasks with a secure, encrypted alternative.

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  • Support for using an ssh-auth or PuTTY pagent key agent to authenticate connections without passwords.
  • Support for multiple known_hosts files, and PuTTY known host registry entries on Windows
  • Allows for password prompts, which are masked if supported by the Ant runtime environment.
  • Adds a SFTP task with support for commands: put, get, chmod, mkdir, rm, rmdir, rename, cd, pwd, lcd, lpwd, list
  • Several SFTP, Exec, or Scp tasks may be nested in a single SSH Session task

System Requirements:

  • Apache Ant 1.8 or later
  • Java 7 or later