New Enterprise Co:Z Release 8.1.0 is available. Review the Release Notes and Download.
New Enterprise Co:Z Release 8.1.0 is available.

ncdu "ncurses disk usage" is a text based, full terminal interface for the disk usage du utility found on many POSIX systems.

ncdu was written by Yoran Heling and is readily available on most Linux distributions. The official ncdu website can be found here.

ncdu can be very useful when trying to cull unused files from a highly populated filesystem. The main interface makes it easy to quickly see which directories contain the heaviest disk usage and the navigational model is very intuitive, making it easy to traverse and delete files and directories that are no longer needed. A tool like ncdu is particularly well suited for z/OS, which doesn't have many other graphical utilities like the GNOME based Disk Usage Analyzer found on many Linux systems.

ncdu can also be run in read-only mode (via the -r switch). This mode, in combination with ncdu's ability to spawn a shell in the current directory (via the b command key) makes for a convenient, lightweight directory explorer.

We have ported ncdu to z/OS using the available z/OS Curses library. The original MIT licence is retained, and we are making available both the source code and a pre-built binary that will run on z/OS release 1.13 or later.

This software is provided ASIS, and we do not have a commercial support option for it. Our z/OS community tools forum can be used for questions and issues.

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  • Terminal interface to the du utility
  • Runs in an ssh or telnet session (not supported under TSO)
  • Fast, efficient way to locate and cull unnecessary files

System Requirements:

  • z/OS 1.13 or later

To build from source:

  • xlc C compiler
  • make
  • z/OS C Curses libraries and header files. See SA22-7820 for more information