New Co:Z Release 7.1.1 is available. Review the Release Notes and Download.
New Co:Z Release 7.1.1 is available.

The Co:Z z/OS Utilities are z/OS Unix System Services commands that can be used to access a variety of z/OS artifacts and services.

These Utilities can be invoked from Unix System Services directly (interactively, or from a shell script) or used as shell commands within a Co:Z Batch job step. They can also be invoked remotely via the Co:Z Dataset Pipes remote services cozclient command.

The command set includes a wide range of z/OS utilities:

  • Copy a PDS(E) to another PDS(E) with member selection
  • Get/Put PDS(E) members to and from the z/OS Unix System Services file system
  • List z/OS catalogs
  • Display JES job and spool file status
  • Issue WTO messages from Unix System Services
  • Access z/OS and JES Symbol service
  • Various Co:Z support utilities

Refer to the Features section below for the complete command set.


See each utility in the Command Reference for examples.


  • z/OS Utility Command Set:
    • catsearch — list z/OS catalogs
    • copypds — copy a PDS(E) to another PDS(E) with member selection
    • getpds — copy PDS(E) member(s) to UNIX file(s)
    • jessym — command line interface to the JES Symbol Service
    • lookupccsid — return the coded character set identifier (CCSID) associated with a character set
    • lsjes — display JES job and spool file status
    • pdsdir — list partitioned dataset members and their statistics, if available.
    • putpds — copies UNIX file(s) to PDS(E) member(s)
    • safauth — check the current user's authorization to a SAF (RACF) resource.
    • saf-ssh-agent — enable ssh client authentication via SAF/RACF Digital Certificates
    • showtrtab — display a translation table
    • wto — issue a Write To Operator (WTO) from USS.
    • zsym — list system symbol values.